Now Offering Air Source Heat Pumps

We are now in the process of becoming MCS accredited to be able to offer ASHP to everyone

ASHP offer the customer a big saving on their heatig bills.

The easiest way of putting it is an immersion heater is classed as 1:1

This means for every 1kw of electricity you use you get 1kw of heat.

With ASHP you could get a 1:5 input output.


How They Work

You may not realise but you have an ASHP system in your house already, Yes its your fridge freezer, it takes heat from the compartments and transfers it to the outside.

An ASHP works in reverse taking the heat from the outside air and transfering it to your wet central heating system, And yes it can work in every property if the right steps are taken, this includes a correct survey carried out by a qualified engineer who can advise on measures that may be required to allow the ASHP to be installed and work to its most efficent.